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Ziskers is the official agent in the Benelux of the bicycle brand Douze. We develop, support and energize the collaboration between this unique bicycle brand, the local retailers and the end-users. We are the strong and creative link between the manufacturer and the bikeshops. Always organising and optimising the big and the small things. Working together to maximise customer satisfaction is our goal.

Douze makes beautiful and innovative longtail and frontload cargobikes that do make the difference. Douze designs and assembles these award-winning cargobikes in her own factory in Bourgondy, France. Along with the cargobikes, Douze offers you the corresponding accessories. In this way, you can customise the cargobikes according to your needs. A team of 35 people is at your service and gives their very best every day.

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Dealer network:

Douze believes in strong and performant partnerships with local bikestores. Our dealers are truly professionals and know our cargobikes. They understand the added value of service. 


Our dealers can think along with the customer, arriving at solutions where the customer feels truly helped. Together we go for the satisfied customer and help him/her where necessary.

In the various regions of the country, we work with the most suitable professional partners. Their knowledge and skills ensure that our customers can be helped efficiently when needed.

Discover the range:

The opportunity to see, touch and feel things is very important. It gets people inspired and fascinated about the Douze cargobikes. That is why we come out and meet and greet you at fairs and test days.

If you prefer to watch from the sideline first, we have made a number of videos introducing our bikes. they will give you a clear picture of the possibilities and can help you form your opinion.


Feel free to make an appointment at one of our dealers. Douze has made sure they have test bikes ton try them out in your own environment.  All this brings you closer to the magic moment when you are convinced. 

Dealer support:

Douze dealers have a B2B account through which they can place and then follow up orders independently. If something is still not clear, they can of course grab the phone and call the service team.


Together with customers, they can also use our online configurator. This tool located on the Douze website allows us to choose a cargobike and then complete it with the desired accessories.

Furthermore, we take numerous initiatives to support our dealers. We ensure that data on our articles is easily available through the various channels and there is the annual dealer training. 

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