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Ziskers is the official agent of the bicycle brands Douze, Frog, Jean Fourche and Pelago. We develop, support and energize the collaboration between these unique bicycle brands and the local retailers. We are the strong and creative link between the manufacturer and bikeshop. We are the ones who are always organising and optimising for the love and joy of cycling. 

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Our brands have something in common, they all want to make life better. Douze makes wonderful longtail and frontload cargobikes, Frog focuses on the ambitions of our youngest riders and has a complete range of lightweight kids bikes, Jean Fourche works around the idea to develop a very usefull unisize citybike that fits everybody, Pelago designs a whole range of bikes with a touch of retro and adventure that make you dream of more. 

Ziskers wants to make us all smile.

Building brands:

Let's meet and discus some important issues like your brand's DNA, the goals to be achieved, global marketing stategy, trials and errors, our local market, ... 

We invite you to team up and take the next steps in building your brand. We love to work together and get your brand well positioned in the market. Move forward and your business will be growing. 

For example: Let's create a nice and solid dealer network. We believe in strong and performant partnerships with local bikestores who become your brand's ambassador.

Supporting talent:

We all try to be well organized in business and want our factories to be triple ISO-certificated. We deliver products that meet the highest standards and we innovate.

After-sales support is important and Ziskers goes for the added value. We not only organize the classic back office but organize trainings for the retailers. Staff will be trained in sales and service. On location or in our TC. 


We go for the extra mile in training and offer the talent we meet a professional coach. After being trained staff will feel closer to the product and boosted in motivation.



Creating experience:

Offering the opportunity to see, touch and feel things is very important. It's the shortest way to get people inspired and fascinated about your product. 

Ziskers likes to develop and helps you to create the ideal atmosphere around your brand. A truely experience center, a stylish catalogue, excellent POS-material, supporting testdays, organizing a tradeshow, ...



All these triggers are the experiences your customers are looking for and it brings them closer to this magic moment when they are convinced and make the right choice, your product.

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